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Lest We Forget

Never Give Up

I was thinking about dreams the other day.

I remember when I was a kid, I dreamt of all the places I would go, all the things I would do, all the people I would meet, all the love I would enjoy. 

Not all those dreams have 'come true' - that's not the way life works I guess - and some of those wishes won't happen now.

But I still hang on to some of those dreams and I'm still determined that hope is not lost.

I dreamed once of being a writer, of writing books - I'm doing that, even if I have to shoehorn it into a busy life doing other things. I have to work hard on this. Things don't always come easily, sometimes you have to toil but it's worth it in the end.

I've met loads of people in my life, so far, especially in my life as a journalist and broadcaster. I'm still meeting and chatting to people including while writing for a magazine these days - the RURAL magazine in Jersey. What fun!

I've travelled quite a lot in my life and been privileged to enjoy living life in other cultures as well. I still aspire to travel more - I won't give up on that. I may have to wait, but I'll not stop dreaming of new horizons.

And as for love  - well I am surrounded by love of family and friends and although I've loved and lost, I still believe!

Be encouraged everyone.

Whatever your dreams are - never give up.

Keep on Believing!


Never Give up


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