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It's so easy to let life pass us by, isn't it?

We go through the day intent on completing our 'to do' lists, just trying to ensure we are in all the places we need to be, at the times we've promised. 

Doing all the chores around the house, dropping the kids off at school and picking them up again and transporting them to this and that 'club' or activity. Washing, cleaning, food shopping, cooking - and that's just the 'home stuff'. Most of us also have work as well ... appointments, hours in the office or wherever it is that we have our workplace, assignments ... it never stops.

In addition, then some of us even try to fit in space for stuff like exercising and 'having fun' and what with all the schedules we set ourselves, those 'enjoyments' can often sometimes end up being a bit of a stress as well - if we don't fit in that time for a run or swim or visit to the gym we tell ourselves off for being a 'failure'.

SO much time! SO little time to do it all in!

Life is so busy sometimes we just don't give ourselves a moment or two to breathe, to take in the little moments that can bring us joy. To be grateful for everything we have rather than worry about the things we don't have, or the stuff we are lacking in comparison to everyone else.

That wave from a neighbour, the giggle from a child, the clouds, the wind in our hair, the sight of a flower nestled in the corner of the garden, the people who bring me joy just by being there for me.

Today I'm encouraged just to FOCUS a a bit more. Not on all those chores but on the people who are important to me. Not the stuff that can stress me out, but those little things which I take for granted which I sometimes just miss out on because of all of the 'noise' in my life.

I'm reminded that there are so many people and things I have been given that I should be grateful for but I don't take the time to give thanks. Today I'm determined to be more aware and to be more thankful! And to be more 'in the moment' rather than always thinking about the next thing I have to do.

To cherish each moment that is given to me! 

Have a Terrific Tuesday everyone! 


Terrific Tuesday title Terrific Tuesday


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