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Here we go!

Another Monday, another new week!

So how are you feeling? What's the mood today?

Optimistic and confident, or perhaps feeling a little weary and worried about what lies ahead?

None of us know the future, and even if we have the next seven days or so planned we know that things can change in a moment.

However, I want to start the week in an up-beat way, looking forward with anticipation.

In the next few days, I know some of you will be celebrating a birthday - for one of my brothers it's a BIG birthday later this week!

I know for some of you it'll be a great week of love and celebration, one of those weeks when really all your dreams come true - one of my friends is counting down to her wedding day this coming weekend!

Some of us have meetings planned and we know what we'll be up to at work. Others of us have no idea what might come our way, work-wise, in the next seven days. But that's exciting too. Well I think it is!

As this thought reminds us ... Monday (and I would argue, the rest of the week) is a bit of a blank canvas and we can fill it with the colours of joy and happiness and splash the paint around with abandon and joy. Or we can get out the greys and blacks and just paint monochrome blocks - predictable and safe! Or we can just leave the canvas of the future blank, not trying at all to dream and hope, and stuff the idea of this week in the corner where it's out of view, not expecting much at all!

Whatever you have planned, or not - whatever 'paint' you throw at your week -  I hope you are starting your Monday in an optimistic, thankful, positive and 'smiling' mood and with a great mindset!

Because who knows,  that might be the difference between a good week and a GREAT week!


Monday Motivation


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