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Worry Free Wednesday

Are you a 'worrier'?

I have to admit I am. I can tend to worry about things when I need not.

I get anxious sometimes about stuff that are to come ... will I be up to the job? What will happen if I fail? 

But also I hold my hand up to actually worrying about things that have happened in the past ... events and actions I cannot change! Which, of course, is completely illogical and useless. The past is the past! The lessons are learned, hopefully, so why keep rattling on about them in my head?

Strangely, at the moment I don't worry about long term issues ... even things like old age, which will surely come.

No, my worries tend to be about failing and not feeling able to be in control. Right now.

The older I get, I'm losing the overriding concern about 'looking stupid', but still I do worry about things that are beyond my control.

My aptitude for anxiety blighted my life early on, but it's something I'm working on. Still working on it!

I know my worry has led to mental health issues in the past, and I can also recognise that propensity in others. I also know that when I have worried then it's led to something of a 'self proclaimed prophecy'. I've worried so much that actually the thing I feared has come close to happening. That's weird but true. 

So I love this idea of Worry Free Wednesday. When I'm having a worrisome time, I console myself with one day being worry-free.

Worry free wednesdayAs this quote says, anxiety damages YOU more than anyone else. Inner turmoil caused by that feeling of being out of control rarely affects others, but it makes you unhappy and can even make you ill. 

And I know I'm not alone. 'A problem shared is a problem halved', or so the old adage goes. I am not very good at sharing my inner secrets and my insecurities - this blog is helping this year though. But I know there are people I can turn to if I need help. Or at least I can find people who will listen.

SO - today - if you feel worried, about anything, maybe try to breathe through the day. Look at those anxieties and ask yourself 'is this REALLY real or just in my head?' And perhaps find someone you can chat to.

Also, learning to enjoy each moment of each day, for what it is, and learning to be mindful in the moment helps me.

I close my eyes and just think about NOW. Not what is past, or what is to come.... but what is right now.

The sun on my cheeks, the breeze on my hair, the smell of the flowers or the ocean, the sounds I can hear around me.

That always helps.

Learning to live without overwhelming anxiety and stress caused by our own thoughts is a journey.

And if you've not stepped out onto the path of learning how to cope, then maybe let's start today!

Have a great day everyone!





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